Quick Pick Menus –  Pick Three

gnocchi218Available for pick-up or delivery

Feeds 10 to 12 guests.

Your Choice of Three Items:

Breaded Chicken (20 pieces)

Roasted Chicken (20 pieces)

Sausage In Red Sauce (20 pieces)

Chicken Breast Tenders (25 pieces)

Meatballs In Red Sauce (avg. 60 pieces)

Homemade Gnocchi (half size pan)

Penne In Red Sauce (half size pan)

Potato Salad (4 lb bowl)

Cole Slaw (4 lb bowl)

Pasta Salad (4 lb bowl)

The price for this dinner special is $79.95 plus 7% sales tax.

All items are packaged in disposable foil and plastic containers. No need to return any products to us. We make every effort to seal all containers with plastic wrap and tight lids, but sometimes in transportation leakage can occur. (particularly sauce based products) Please provide a flat surface, such as a vehicle trunk or back of an SUV, and if you are concerned about carpeting, please provide a tarp, or plastic where are products can be placed.

Limit 2 Pick-Three orders per event.